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OSR R3001 – Pro Sim Rig


One of the most important things in simracing is the simrig. Especially when using direct drive wheels or load cell pedals, you can’t get around a proper sim rig. If you also have demands on the ergonomics, e.g. Formula 1 / Indycar, LMP or GT cars, it quickly becomes special and expensive. The OSR R3001 is the attempt by the community to offer a sim rig for the higher requirements as well as variance regarding the different vehicle geometries. And open source means open source. You have accessibility to cad files, parts lists, decals,  instructions etc. and if needed you can modify them by your needs.

Road Car Ergonomy

GT Race Car Ergonomy

F1 / LMP Race Car Ergonomy


The idea with the OSR R3001 was to serve a wide range of vehicle ergonomics for a high performance Sim Rig. Massive 40x120mm aluminum profiles were used for the frame substructure and for the wheelbase mount to achieve high stiffness. All heavy duty components are also positioned by large 80×40 angles. Seat mount, wheelbase mount and pedal mount can be ergonomically adjusted in a wide range. This wide range of adjustment allows the seat positions in a Road Car, GT Race Car or F1 / LMP Race Car to be reproduced. The mounting points for the wheelbase and the pedals are also adjustable so that as many diffrent kinds of steering wheels can be installed on the Sim Rig.

OSR R3001 ergonomic adjustability and wheel base installation


The ergonomic adjustment options of this rig are very diverse. I think everyone will find his perfect setting with which he feels absolutely comfortable. For lack of suitable equipment (missing F1 / Indycar seat) I could not fully test the ergonomical possibilities till now. I tested the RIG with a Fanatec DD Pro 8Nm, VRS DirectForce Pro wheel base 20Nm, Fanatec CSL pedals with 60kg Load Cell Kit and VRS DirectForce Pro pedals with red spring up to max 145kg with road and gt car ergonomics. Very slight flex around 1-2mm I could register in the area of the pedal profiles at braking forces over 60kg, but which were not perceptible while driving, rather only visible when looking closely. Also check the Youtube video review on the OSR R3001 Sim Rig.

Disclaimer & Safety

This page is only a documentation how things are constructed and assembled as part of this project and not a instruction or product page – please check the disclaimer of this website. If you are decide to rebuild a construction make sure you are prepared well. Safety should always in the first place at DIY projects, please also check some basic safety tipps.

Suppliers / Order Parts

At this section you can order kits with just one click, e.g. to build your own project. I have deposited parts lists with partner suppliers, so that you do not have to click together all the components or forget something. The links are affiliate links and you support me, so that I can create more DIY projects. It makes no difference whether you order through the affiliate link or directly through the store – there is no extra charge and you pay only for the materials. Is there no supplier listed for your country or it can’t be delivered to you? Just let me know contact@open-source-racing.com and I will check if there are suitable suppliers in your area.

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In the files section you can find CAD data, part lists, illustrated assembly documentation and stickers in connection with this project. Open source means open source – if needed, you can modify them by your individual needs.

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Accessories (comming soon)

This section lists accessories for this project. The accessories have been selected according to price/performance criteria.

OSR R3001 sim rig

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Tools (comming soon)

The tools section lists tools that can be helpful for the assembly of projects.

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